Dairy Feeding Equipment


FeedRite in Parlour Feeders

  • The Dairymaster FeedRite Appetiser speeds up cow loading – they are easy to install and operate and are virtually maintenance free.
  • Systems can be installed to support multiple feed types.
  • Accurate feeding results in higher profits.
  • Batch Feeders
  • The Dairymaster Batch Feeding system is a very economical means of feeding cows in the milking parlour.
  • It is a low cost system and has variable feed amounts.
  • It is suitable for all sizes of milking parlours.

Out of Parlour Feeders

  • The Dairymaster FeedRite OptiFeeder – Out of Parlour Feeder allows you to optimise milk yield and herd health.
  • Reduces feed costs and avoids over feeding by feeding to individual requirements.
  • Feeding cows individually based on milk yield and lactation promotes better milk yield, fertility and the general health of the animals.